Milwaukee- Work Gloves Size 10 Extra Large

Milwaukee- Work Gloves Size 10 Extra Large

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Provide Ultimate Durability and All-Day Comfort

Milwaukee Work Gloves are designed to provide Ultimate Durability and All Day Comfort. Featuring reinforced palms and finger tips, Milwaukee Work Gloves will provide durability and grip for the most demanding tasks. The integrated capacitive surface on forefinger is designed to allow the use of smart phones and touch screens, without removing gloves or wiping dirty finger tips across the screen. In addition, a breathable lining and built-in terry cloth sweat wipe ensure the gloves remain comfortable all day.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reinforced , non-slip palms , thumbs and fingertips for durability and extra protection.
  • Rubber buffers to protect the finger bones.
  • Breathable for comfort.
  • Capacitive surface on forefinger enables operation a touch screen to take off without the glove.
  • Velcro fastener

Technical Specification:

Pack Qty - 1 Pair
Size - 10


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